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CJ Maldonado

Founder | Life Coach

I am the creator and host behind Life Lasagna.

I have been around children my entire life. From being the oldest of six children, to growing up surrounded by the children in my parents’ home daycare, there was no shortage of commotion and chaos being around so many kids! As a former ballerina I have also been afforded the opportunity to teach ballet to preschoolers, probably the sweetest job I have ever held. I have also been blessed enough to have experienced multiple mission trips to Mexico to assist the children in those orphanages. To have provided care and love to these little ones, as well as education and laughter is beyond anything one can imagine. I am also a mother, of course I would consider this my greatest accomplishment. I have four amazing kids, three of my own and one that might as well be mine (cause let’s face it, she is! LOL).

I share all this to say, I have no shortage in experience connecting with children of all ages. If I have learned anything, it’s that it takes an entire village to raise a child. However, much like lasagna, I also find raising children (teens!) to be gloriously messy, hence the name of my brand. My mission is to encourage and support the teens and young adults in our community; to provide guidance and support as they unlock their fullest potential and reach their highest goals.

Tyler Rich

Mentor | Coach

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